Wolverhampton Wanderers will have a clearer idea about Raul Jimenez’s injury status in 15 days, when further tests on the striker are completed.

That’s according to the president of the Mexican Football Federation, who has moved to clear any doubts about the striker ahead of the World Cup.

Jimenez has only managed three Premier League appearances so far this season, missing the first two games with a knee injury and then the last two with hip problems.

It was believed the latter would keep him out for a short period but that has not proven to be the case, with Wolves even forced into a late deal for Diego Costa over concerns about how long Jimenez would be absent for.

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That’s also caused growing worry in his homeland, with Mexico’s hopes for the World Cup in Qatar very much dependent on whether they can get their leading man back up and running.

It seems they are confident they can, though, with their president Yon de Luis providing some confident remarks on the striker today.

“Raul is here, he is in Mexico,” Mundo Deportivo report him saying.

“The diagnosis he has is pubalgia, he is going to be working for 15 days with our medical authorities here in Mexico City and after 15 days he is going to have another check-up with the doctors.

“Here there is a triangle of doctors who are from the Mexican national team, Wolverhampton and Los Angeles, and in 15 days we will have a more accurate diagnosis of how he is doing.”