Sheffield United defender Anel Ahmedhodžić faces an inquiry from the Bosnian Football Association into his actions this week after refusing to turn up for international duty.

That’s according to their president Vico Zeljković, who has confirmed that the Sheffield United man will be questioned regarding the ongoings this week.

Ahmedhodžić was included in Bosnia’s squad list for the international fixtures but refused to answer the call, preferring instead to stay in England.

This led to outrage in his homeland, where it was reported that he had ignored calls from team managers and international teammates when they had tried to contact him.

The Sheffield United player later took to social media to explain his stance, apologising but insisting that he had suffered a small injury and decided against linking up with Bosnia in this international break because of it.

He later alluded to problems within the nation’s set up, which led to even more anger in his homeland and calls for him to speak his mind publically on whatever issues he believes exist.

In the meantime, he faces punished from the Bosnian FA for his actions and Zeljković has confirmed that is yet to be handed out, with them instead looking to speak to the player and secure all of the details first.

“As for Anel, it is better that this situation did not happen,” he said.

“To explain, the role of the selector is clear, the selector is the one who makes the list of players and determines who will be called.

“There was always controversy, pressure was put on me to make some influence, and here there are no Snaičanin and Danilović either, so we respect the decisions of the selectors.

“At the suggestion of the selector, the procedure was initiated, Anel has not been punished yet, we will ask for statements from the player himself and we will see what will happen.

“I would not give the freedom to go into those things, but I used the opportunity to draw a line. It is clear that it is known that the selector is the one who decides and not someone else, the selectors are responsible for the results.”