Ryan Giggs Premier Futsal

Ryan Giggs officially ended his relationship with Manchester United at the beginning of this month, after an entire career spent with the club.

After working as a pundit during Euro 2016, Giggs went off to India to take part in the Premier Futsal competition. Giggs is representing Mumbai and he’s joined by fellow Manchester United legend Paul Scholes, who is playing for Bengaluru.

Sport Witness managed to grab a few words with Giggs whilst the players relax on a rest day in Goa. Giggs confirmed he’d only found out he was leaving Manchester United six weeks ago, and therefore hasn’t got any firm plans for the immediate future.

“No, I’m just enjoying myself at the moment. I did a bit of media work at the Euros, and obviously I’m here to do the Futsal. At the moment, I’m just relaxing.

“I had a few offers here and there, but nothing concrete.”

On a possible Paul Pogba arrival at Manchester United, and whether he’d do well, Giggs said: “I haven’t got a clue (whether he’s arriving). I read as much as you do. I can’t give inside info. But yes, he is a good player.”

If Giggs does return to punditry then no doubt he’ll be asked frequently about his thoughts on Sam Allardyce as England manager. A coach, and style, he faced many times as a player.

Giggs thinks a wealth of experience will help Big Sam: “Well, he’s an experienced manager, isn’t he. I think usually when you manage a national team you need that experience, and the personality.”

Dipesh Agarwal.