In the past hours, a few rumours around have been saying that Leeds United are interested in signing SD Huesca winger Alex Gallar.

The biggest outlet reporting the story is Diario de León. They claim that ‘as shown by the club on their own social networks’, the Championship side is after the 25-year-old to bring him to England in the summer.

But Leeds would obviously never spread such a rumour on an official channel, so we had to dig up a little to find where it really came from.

There’s actually a Spanish fansite called Mi Rincón en Elland Road which reported the interest on Twitter. Even though they have a blog, there wasn’t any text about the chase, only one tweet. 

As the website called themselves ‘Leeds United España’ on Twitter, maybe that’s why Diario de León though it was an official club channel.

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But since Mi Rincón en Elland Road’s Facebook page recently had claims of ‘exclusive news’ that Paul Heckingbottom was about to be appointed the new manager, we thought it was worth checking if this interest in the Spanish player was true or not.

Sport Witness contacted Joaquin Vigueras, one of Gallar’s agents, who was very nice to explain that there’s absolutely nothing in this rumour for now.

“Well, the truth is that we have no record of it,” Vigueiras told Sport Witness. “Nobody has contacted anyone in the company to talk about that interest which I consider one more of today’s rumours.”

Asked if the player would be interested in moving to England, the agent said: “Right now he’s focused on being promoted with his team and doesn’t think of anything else. Everything else that comes will be seen with the passage of time but the priority is to go up with Huesca and play in the first division.”

So it seems this is a Leeds United story which we can put to bed for now.