Claims that Liverpool are interested in Papu Gomez to replace Coutinho are causing some excitement in Argentina, which may lead to disappointment.

Ole is an Argentine daily sport newspaper and they don’t really cover European transfer rumours much, even when they involve players from the country.

With so much going on in their own league, Ole concentrates on that, but occasionally a claim catches the eye. That’s the case with Gomez and Liverpool reports and a stated Atalanta asking price of €60m.

Now whilst that figure may well be nonsense, and the interest could also be exaggerated or fabricated, in South America they think the figures in European football are so crazy that anything is possible.

They’ve got a point.

There’s obviously some pride at how well Gomes must be doing to attract Liverpool interest, but Ole are also covering the story from an Arsenal de Sarandi perspective.

Being Gomez’s training club, Arsenal de Sarandi would be entitled to 5% of any fee, meaning €3m of €60m.

That’s a big deal for an Argentine club, and Ole say that in Sarandi ‘fingers are crossed’ for a deal to happen.

Hopefully they’re not already spending the money, because Liverpool paying €60m for Papu Gomez, who turns 30 years of age in February, doesn’t seem very likely.