In October, we covered claims from Germany that Brighton & Hove Albion and Everton have their eyes set on 1. FC Nürnberg young star Can Uzun.

Operating as an attacking midfielder or a striker, he’s scored 11 goals and assisted three more goals from 18 games this season.

Bild state he showcased his ‘exceptional talent’ once again by scoring a brace against Hansa Rostock at the weekend.

Taking his form and qualities into account, the report says it’s no surprise the 18-year-old has attracted interest from several European clubs, with Brighton and Everton named.

Bild say even Bayern Munich are keen.

The versatile player’s contract lasts until 2027 and he has an €8m valuation. He’s expected to bring in at least €10m to the second division German club when he leaves them next summer.

Uzun has seen his market value increase and Bild are confident he’ll be Nürnberg’s club-record sale. Their sporting director, Olaf Rebbe, is pleased he remains focused on football.

“It’s always good when a sought-after player achieves such performances. But it has long been known in the football industry what qualities Can has. I find it rather impressive how he puts football at the middle of all the headlines. And that’s exactly what it should be about now,” he said.

Bild say Uzun is ‘unmoved’ with the interest he has received from other clubs, including Brighton and Everton.

“It’s good when people talk about me and I want it to stay that way. But you can’t even think about something like that on the pitch,” Uzun explained.

“You can only focus on what is happening on the pitch now. As I said, I’m focusing entirely on now and the season with Nürnberg. And we’ll see the rest at the end of the season.”