If you’ve been following the current Romelu Lukaku situation at Chelsea, you’ll be aware the Belgian wants out from Stamford Bridge.

Unable to click with Thomas Tuchel both on and off the pitch, the striker has been pushing for an exit back to Inter for some time now, and has done so personally.

Numerous articles have spoken of Lukaku himself, helped with a lawyer, Sébastien Ledure, has spoken with the Chelsea executives to get the ball rolling, making it clear he wasn’t interested in staying.

He’s prepared to do almost anything to head back to Milan, but the ball is currently in the clubs’ hands, as they try and work on a specific price when it comes to the loan deal.

However, Lukaku’s involvement in the deal has surprised more than one, including Pantaleo Corvino, currently the technical director at Lecce.

Speaking to Corriere della Sera, he commented on the situation of the Chelsea player: “The way in which the Belgian forward has represented himself in an attempt to put together a return to Inter from Chelsea is something which is almost never seen in modern football. In old-time football, until the end of the 1980s, managers spoke directly with players.

“Today, this isn’t possible, because a player alone doesn’t have the skills to do it. In modern contracts, there are clauses, add-ons, image rights, and it’s therefore unthinkable for a player to represent himself. I don’t in Lukaku’s situation in detail, but the agent had not done him a disservice. He’d done well, bringing in €115m from Chelsea for the transfer and earning him a nice contract. His situation is therefore an exception.”