Earlier today, we covered the first part of an interview Everton star Richarlison has given to Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte.

In those quotes, the player talked about his love for the national teal, and his struggles to convince the Toffees to let him play for his country in all possible games.

Now there’s some quotes regarding Richarlison’s fight for social justice. He talked about finding inspiration in Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford and his joy of bringing more famous people along with him.

“I take it as a mirror,” Richarlison told Globo Esporte about the Manchester United star.

“I look at Rashford, off-field, because he’s my age and has done it all for the children, he’s already killed the hunger of many children here in England. Not only here in England, but also in this world. So this is a guy who’s an example to be followed.

“When I started posting things like that to help people, I saw that the fans were enjoying it, that many people started to follow me too, follow my example too. So I saw that I was having an impact. So I think that from then on I started to create more courage to be taking a position, to be helping people. I’m doing it and I will continue doing it, because I see that I’m helping a lot of people and I’m also serving as an example for other players, for other celebrities.”

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Asked why not many players join him, Rashford, and others in these fights, he said: “Many players didn’t have an adequate study either. Like me. But I try to do my best. Looking for information, I also ask my staff. And that must have started from the academy. Be taught from the academy. Because of course there are clubs, there are staff who talk a lot with the players. There are also things that they cannot do.

“So I think some players are kind of afraid to be taking a stand, to have that certain courage. But I, when I have a desire like that, I put my face in it, I really say it, I say what I think. Of course, if there are any consequences, I will take it. But I don’t care much about it. What matters is that I will be helping someone, I will be positioning myself to help someone or to help my country.”

The Everton star, who was interviewed by three female journalists, also talked about raising his voice to fight for women’s causes.

The striker claimed he became engaged because of his mother, sisters and aunties. Then he revealed that he’ll try to help female footballers in Brazil to get better conditions as well.

“Many things in Brazil have to change. Of sexism, even. In football, women are treated totally differently from men. Me and my staff are working with Nike to be able to send sports material to some players who are in need. We know about the difficulties they go through, because even if they have the talent they have, they are not valued as they deserve.”