Jose Mourinho is ‘less and less special’ after his ‘evident difficulties at Manchester United and Tottenham’.

That’s according to journalist Paolo Bargiggia, who has laid into the current Roma boss and questioned the work the Portuguese manager is doing in the Italian capital.

Mourinho joined Roma in a surprise move in the summer, marking a return to Italy after his highly successful stint with Inter Milan from 2008-2010.

He is hoping to reinvent himself in Serie A after his struggles in the Premier League over the last few years, with spells at Tottenham, and Manchester United before that, both ending in ignominy.

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Roma currently sit fourth in the table after eight games with a record of five wins and three defeats, the latest of which was a 1-0 defeat to Juventus on Sunday.

That result left them trailing league leaders Napoli by a whopping nine points, an unacceptable figure for some given Roma spent more than any other Italian club this summer.

Bargiggia is certainly not impressed by what he has seen so far and turned his ire on Mourinho as a result.

“Mou is less and less special and more a normal one. The former hero of Inter’s Triplete has been unable to make a difference for a few years now,” Area Napoli report him saying.

“After the evident difficulties in his experiences with Manchester United and Tottenham, Mourinho has not been able to change the trend that sees the Giallorossi defeated in the matches that count and against the strongest opponents.

“The tough defeat against Lazio in the derby and the 1-0 defeat in Turin yesterday confirm the bad habit of the Capitolini in big matches.

“But Mourinho’s lack of impact on the Giallorossi is even more serious if you think of the money Roma have spent in the transfer market.

“Mourinho’s Roma were the leading Italian club in terms of expenditure in the summer, and the fifth in Europe. A purchase campaign that requires other results.”