Alexander Tettey’s contract at Norwich City expires after the end of this season and on Friday we covered quotes from 33-year-old about how frustrated he is with constant links to Norwegian side Rosenborg.

The midfielder did not give more information as to what he will do beyond this campaign and Norway’s VG now provides an update.

It’s claimed that ‘everything indicates’ the former Rennes man will not extend his deal at Carrow Road and the player himself has no clarity about his plans.

“I have no idea. I have no idea. [I’m being ]100 percent honest. All I know is that my contract expires on June 30th. After that… either it is a club that is crazy, that will take the chance to have me for a year, or I will have to listen to my body,” he told VG.

The former Norway international has not ruled out the possibility of hanging up his boots after finishing this campaign with Daniel Farke’s side.

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“If you are 33, it certainly has a lot to say. Had I not had this contract [last signed in 2018], I would not say that I had worn out, but which Norwegian footballer had been 33 years and got a Premier League contract? No? Maybe Joshua King?

“So, I’m really glad we managed to get promoted and when you’re a Premier League player, there are better conditions for me. To end with a Premier League contract as a 34-year-old is fantastic, not only for me, but for the family.

“It gives us a respite for a year, maybe. Absolutely. I don’t know what happens after the season, but when you’ve had a year in the Premier League with better conditions, it will help for the next couple of years. I don’t have to keep playing, it’s not something we have to do, because it applies to the family too.”

Tettey also opened up about his concerns over what he will do with his life, once he retires from professional football.

“I think it’s scary. When you have been contracted since you were 16 until you are 34, it is a pretty long career in sports,” the player stressed.

“You get up every day, have a place to go, a purpose and a meaning, and then… nothing. I’ve read books that say there are people struggling. It’s scary.

“I’ve said to myself that I’m not going to struggle like everyone else because of the way I am, but I can’t say 100 percent for sure.

“I find it scary, both about retirement and what comes after it. I have no idea what to do when I’m done. But as Bjørn Tore (Kvarme, the agent) told me, ‘It’s going to be good guys’. So, I hope it’s true.”

Though Tettey’s immediate focus is with Norwich, his latest comments clearly suggest he has no plans beyond this season.