A little earlier we covered a report from El Desmarque which stated Denis Suarez is a step away from joining Arsenal on loan. 

Advances were said to have been made in recent hours and the deal was in the final stages. There was no mention of buying clauses or money at all, those seemingly being the final details which probably weren’t given as much prominence as they should have been.

Mundo Deportivo have now published their take on the current situation, and it’s fair to say Arsenal are being a little cheeky.

Not only are the Premier League club pleading poverty and saying they can’t pay a transfer fee now, they also want the loan to be free and for any summer purchase clause to be optional rather than compulsory.

Short of asking Barca the pay them for looking after Denis, they couldn’t really be pushing for much more.

Despite that, Barcelona haven’t laughed them out of town yet and Mundo say ‘everything indicates’ the player will sign for Arsenal.

There’ll be some kind of compromise, and Suarez’s agent is waiting for the call to say the agreement has been found. If that doesn’t happen quickly, then the 25 year old could play tonight against Levante.