ESPN Brasil this weekend aired an interview with Chelsea winger Willian, who seems pretty glad to be working under Maurizio Sarri at the club.

The Italian manager was a big subject in the chat, with the player giving a lot of praise and showing how much the squad likes him.

“He’s funny, sometimes he says something funny and everyone starts laughing. So that gives a relaxed atmosphere too, doesn’t it. And we players, everyone here likes his philosophy, the way he is, everyone is enjoying it,” Willian told ESPN Brasil.

“A simple guy, talks to all the players in the same way. Makes jokes as well. And works very seriously, that’s the most important thing about him. Always tries to make things right. And as we say, we come to the game and everything is already chewed, we already know what to do.”

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As it’s well known that Willian’s relationship with Antonio Conte wasn’t the best, especially for the manager’s insistence on benching the Brazilian, the player doesn’t hide his satisfaction from the time when Sarri was appointed.

“Oh, I was very happy with his arrival. Being able to be starting every game, this is very important. To feel the confidence of the manager, this I can feel, that he has confidence in my football, that likes me, that likes to see me play, so I feel very happy.”

Willian has also spoken about another manager he likes, which is the Manchester United boss José Mourinho. They’ve had a very good relationship at Chelsea, and despite many rumours saying the Portuguese manager would like to take him to Old Trafford, Willian hasn’t teased with it this time.

“The reciprocal is always true, the way he likes me, I like him too. Today we are friends, sometimes we exchange messages. Just to ask how the other is, ‘how are you, how’s the family’. So I respect him a lot as he respects me too, so I think that’s pretty cool.”