With Luke Shaw out of Manchester United’s clash against Villarreal in the Champions League last night, left-back Alex Telles had the chance to start a game for the club.

His comeback was made in an important week, following the sacking of manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the need for a good result to get qualification to the tournament knock-out stage.

In a chat with TNT Sports, Telles talked about Manchester United’s performance in such a complicated moment at the club.

“Obviously, the most important thing today was the result for us. After everything we’ve been through these past few weeks, we knew that the result would be important and that the game would be very difficult,” Alex Telles told TNT Sports.

“We already had this proof at Old Trafford when we played the first game against them. But the players we have in the dressing room are great players, great characters, and we showed that. With everything that happened this week, we managed to concentrate, do our best and what matters is the result and we managed to do it. Congratulations to everyone.”

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Regarding Solskjaer’s departure, Telles claims that all the squad have a part in the club’s poor results, saying it’s their obligation to bounce back.

“Obviously the dressing room is thoughtful, because we know that if there’s a change of manager, everyone has their share of blame. We know that on the pitch, we always have to do our best. We have to evolve more. Even today, after the victory, we know that a lot has to evolve.

“But I think the important thing… it’s good to know that football gives us the opportunity every three days, four days, to enter the pitch and do our best. And we knew the closest opportunity was today. I think everyone is to be congratulated for the concentration, for the work that was done, and we are taking the three points home.”

Telles was also quizzed about a potential return to the national team, since his little use at Manchester United resulted in his absence in Brazil’s last call-up. He now expects that last night’s match was a step for him to be back representing his country soon.

“I knew the competitiveness and the level I would find at Manchester United. There are great players, great competence. But I believe a lot in my work. Today was once again the proof of having joined the team again, having played, having played a great game, a good victory, I think that’s the most important thing. It’s about always being prepared. The national team never left my mind, I really want to go back. And I think today was a step for me to more and more come in, and be able to do my best and have more sequence.”