Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira has spoken to UOL this week, in an interview which became quite interesting as he’s openly talked about José Mourinho’s situation at the club.

Out of Brazil’s squad which faced Saudi Arabia and Argentina, the player spoke from his home in Manchester, and started chatting about his quiet life in England.

“The city itself is cool, but I stay at home, because the weather here is not very good, it rains a lot, there is a lot of wind, we just want to stay at home. It’s a bit complicated, there are a lot of fans from Manchester (United) and from City,” Andreas Pereira told UOL.

“It has already happened of me parking the car, the guys see that I’m a Manchester player, and they scratch my car. It’s complicated. These things happen, but not always, because people are very calm. Having two big clubs so close is rare and special.”

Asked about the reports from the English press saying the relationship between José Mourinho and the Manchester United squad isn’t good, Andreas Pereira goes totally against these claims. He even says that from inside the club, it doesn’t feel like the Portuguese manager is getting sacked anytime soon.

“The relationship is good, it’s cool. I have a very good relationship with him, with the players. And he also has a good relationship with the players. We don’t feel that pressure coming from outside. Everyone says that he’s being sacked. We do not feel that.”

“For you to have an idea, I don’t usually have any English media on my phone so I don’t get intoxicated with everything they say. He’s our manager, we give our life on the pitch for him and for us too. Everyone is very calm, very focused and very happy.”

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Pereira has also spoken about the controversial video posted by Paul Pogba during Manchester United’s defeat against Derby County fin the Carabao Cup. He’s confirmed that José Mourinho questioned the Frenchman about the situation, and insisted that he wouldn’t do anything disrespectful towards the manager.

“It was in a cup game. Pogba posted the video before and there was me and left-back Luke Shaw laughing. We were winning the game 1-0 at the time of the video. Then we lost the game, and people said that Pogba posted later. But he posted before.”

“The manager thought that Pogba had posted later. He asked him why did that happen. There was a mood about it. These things were out here in England. But it’s like, I have nothing to do with it. Mourinho gave me a chance, he said to me: ‘I want you to stay here’. It would be a shot on my own foot to badmouth the guy who gave me the first opportunity to play and is still giving it.”

Andreas Pereira will hope to get a chance for Manchester United this weekend against Chelsea, with injury worries around other midfielders.