Blanka Vlasic says she’s gained 5000 extra Twitter followers since her little brother Nikola moved to Everton in the summer.

With Nikola not having his own social presence, his big sister has been stepping into the void, and has joked about becoming his PR service as a birthday present.

So far Blanka, herself a very successful sportsperson in her chosen discipline of high-jump, has kept Everton fans up to date on her brother’s fitness, explaining he wasn’t injured when recently left out of the squad by David Unsworth.

Despite being completely on her brother’s side, and admitting that will of course dent subjectivity, Blanca believes there’s no reason for Nikola to worry about his Everton career, despite Unsworth’s choices: “Every day I’m in touch with him and dad and there’s no reason to worry. We couldn’t even assume that he would get a chance so soon, some young players wouldn’t have played after half a year, and he immediately got a huge amount of time, and this (more recent situation) shouldn’t overshadow the fact he has already shown much.”

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Blanca believes Everton fans are often blue, in the down sense, as well as Blue, and she’s trying to throw some positivity in, but has made it clear not many words should be expected from Nikola: “Niksi is the guy who will only say something when he thinks it has to be said and when he has nothing to say – he will not. He doesn’t deal with what he considers unnecessary, doesn’t give an interview for interviews sake. And he’s not closed at all, maybe just cautious, sometimes he’s surprised me how communicative he is.”

It’s really clear that Nikola Vlasic is supported strongly by his family, who are all planning to come over at Christmas and do the things families do. No, not drink everything in the house and then spend the evening arguing, but play boardgames and enjoy each other’s company.

If Unsworth dropping the young forward has shaken his confidence, then it’s good for Everton fans to know Vlasic has sensible and strong backing, there’s no indication of the family wanting to rock the boat.