Are you a Serie A midfielder? Have you been linked with Everton this month? If not, you may need to get yourself a new agent, because the Italian media have been relentless in their quest to link as many players with Carlo Ancelotti’s side as possible.

At the weekend, Gazzetta dello Sport reported the Everton manager had held a meeting with those in charge of the club’s transfers, and been assured there’s ambitious plans, although they mainly relate to the summer.

It was also claimed Ancelotti’s dream signing would be Napoli’s Allan, but that is considered an ‘impossible dream’ and the club are instead trying to find a ‘photocopy of the Brazilian’.

Since then there’s been developments.

Later that day, Napoli faced Fiorentina and lost the home match 2-0. Allan was taken off after 56 minutes, and according to La Repubblica he wasn’t happy at all.

They report he vanished from the stadium and had to be called back to join his defeated teammates.

This has led to huge drama, obviously, and is another problem with player attitude at the club this season. Either a big section of the squad have serious professionalism issues, or it’s a bigger issue to do with how the club is run.

Ancelotti surely knows better than most what is really going on.

This has all led to today’s Corriere dello Sport suggesting there could be life in Allan to Everton. The club’s ‘fatal attraction’ (yes, that’s what they say) with the player is led by their manager, and it’s suggested the ‘obsession’ could turn into ‘negotiation’.

Corriere present the potential transfer as for the summer, and it’s made clear Allan’s time at Napoli would have to be clearly over for Everton to swoop, as they feel there’s some kind of ‘non aggression’ pact when a manager moves clubs.

The Brazilian’s contract expires in June 2023, and for a while there’s been talk of a renewal, despite him last signing a deal in March 2018.

It’s possible Everton interest could be being used to pressure Napoli, which may not work very well with Aurelio De Laurentiis.