Everton star Bernard has given a long interview to ESPN Brasil this week. Chatting with reporter Francisco De Laurentiis, he’s spoken a lot about his arrival to Goodison Park this summer.

The winger says he’s had to adapt his game to the Premier League, knowing that he can’t let things get too physical with defenders in England.

“The intensity is absurd”, Bernard tells ESPN Brasil. “There’s a lot of physical contact as well. But since I arrived I knew I would have to find a way to avoid this physical contact. So the best way to avoid this contact is to think a little faster than your opponents.”

“Finding a faster solution for certain moves. That is what I have been trying to improve. I think this is the best way to deal since I have no physical size to be able to fight for a ball. This is how I try to perfect my football here.”

Bernard has also spoken about the big affection he’s been getting from Everton fans. He claims he always does his best to keep a good relationship with all of them.

“From the moment I arrived, I try to be as reciprocal as possible with all the fans. Be with the people who are waiting for you to leave training, at the stadium, anytime. I think sometimes this moment is a unique moment for the person. Sometimes the person will only see you this time. I don’t do it to promote myself, I do it because it really can be a special moment for that person. And for me not so much, because we really live it, there are the fans, most of the time we live with it. And for that person it can be special.”

“So I try anyway to make this moment even more special for them, paying attention, joking, asking things. So I’m very happy with this affection, all this energy that the fans have with me since I arrived. And I try to repay anyway. I think the best answer to that is on the pitch trying to do my best.”

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On his agitated summer, Bernard has confirmed that he held talks with Palmeiras director Alexandre Mattos, but he chose to take Everton’s offer instead, as he wanted to prove himself in a top league.

“I had many conversations with Alexandre Mattos. Of course there was the interest, we talked. But I opted for Everton precisely for that. I was 25 to 26 years old. I still had some fat to burn here in Europe. I wanted to show that I’m capable, too. If I’m here, it’s no wonder. The club know what I could give here to the team, what I can do, especially related to their planning. So I was happy for their interest, but I was happy with my choice to be here at Everton.”

Bernard has also been asked about a possible return to his former club Atletico Mineiro. He says he’s looking forward to play for them again, but still has his mind at Everton for now.

“Of course I have the desire, I want to go back, yes. In the near future or I don’t know in how many years. So I hope this can happen. But I think first here, this fat, as I said it, can still burn.”