Did you know that Everton were interested in Allan over the course of the January window? If you didn’t, we hope you had a nice hibernation period and you must be really confused about what’s going on in the world of football these days.

However, we are fully aware most of you will know all about Carlo Ancelotti’s attempts to bring the Brazilian to Goodison Park a couple of months ago, and you are in for a treat over the coming months, because Corriere dello Sport make it clear the rumours aren’t going anywhere.

Looking at who could leave Napoli in the summer, they touch upon the defensive midfielder’s situation, and remind everyone the Italian manager ‘already asked for him’ in January, having had the chance to work with him in person during his stint in the south of Italy.

As for what will happen going forward, Corriere state Ancelotti ‘will show up again and again’ in order to ‘try and treat himself to Allan at Everton’.

The Toffees are the only club named here, but it is pointed out the Goodison Park residents are one ‘among the admirers’, suggesting other sides are hovering as well.

You would think Ancelotti has the upper hand here, but, in the end, it all comes down to a) convincing Napoli with a decent enough offer and b) giving Allan what he wants going forward.