Thomas Vermaelen doesn’t want to speak about transfers any longer, and that’s probably fair enough.

Following the close of the summer transfer window, Vermaelen talked up interest from Everton and others, and Barcelona’s determination to keep him, which led to countless articles taking his words to pieces.

Vermaelen had told Belgium’s DH“The board told me they needed four centre-backs. I didn’t have a choice but to stay. Clubs tried until the very last day, like Everton, but it was impossible. I wasn’t even able to negotiate.”

The Catalan press weren’t having any of that and whilst they had every right to refute Vermaelen’s insistence Barcelona wanted to keep him, almost at all costs, perhaps they went a little far.

Now, when asked about a transfer again, and potentially returning home to Belgium with Anderlecht, DH quote Vermaelen as saying: “I’m not commenting anymore on my personal situation, the last time I did it, it turned against me.”

Any Everton interest in Vermaelen may have left with Ronald Koeman, that remains to be seen, and the defender is still to represent Barcelona so far this season.

Beyond doubt a talented player and full of experience, Vermaelen continues to be held back by injuries.