Although it’s been a few days since we last saw claims about Everton’s chase for Adolfo Gaich, some news today could bring the reason for it.

As reported by Argentine outlets such as Vamos Ciclon and Rincon de Futbol, the player has travelled to Italy this week so he can get a European passport.

It’s claimed that his trip has been authorised by San Lorenzo, since the process is considered to be crucial so he can complete a move to Europe.

Speaking of the clubs who are interested in the striker, Rincon de Futbol names Everton, Benfica, Genoa and Inter Milan.

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This is a situation which Everton fans must definitely be attentive to. Because although the club reportedly found a deal for the River Plate midfielder Santiago Sosa, it’s been claimed that things can’t go through because he’s struggling to get a work permit.

He’s now also in pursuit of an EU passport.

So perhaps before advancing with Gaich, the Toffees want the guarantee that he will be able to move first.