Everton’s Richarlison had a Copa America full of ups and downs.

Despite having a place in the starting team when the tournament kicked off, the Everton star couldn’t do much, and was soon replaced by Gabriel Jesus.

Things got worse when Richarlison was diagnosed with mumps, since he had to be isolated from the rest of the squad and had the risk of missing the rest of the competition.

But his recovery was a lot faster than expected, as he only missed one game, and returned for the semifinals against Argentina, although he didn’t leave the bench in that match.

However, in the final, despite starting as a substitute, Richarlison had the chance to come in. He was given the chance to take a penalty at the end of the game, and guaranteed Brazil’s title.

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Speaking to the local press after the match, he talked about his struggles during the competition, and dedicated the goal to his family, especially his great-grandmother.

“At the beginning, I celebrated my call up. I said if I scored a goal, I would dedicate it to my great-grandmother, who is over 80 years old,” Richarlison told Sportv.

“Now it’s just to celebrate… A kiss for my great grandmother, may God enlighten her. She lost my great-grandfather not long ago. I want to send a kiss to my family and to everyone in Espírito Santo.”

That’s when the reporter asked her name, and all Richarlison could do was repeat the same thing.

“Your great-grandmother is watching. Remind us her name. Send a kiss.”

“Oh, yeah, I want to send a kiss to my great-grandmother and let God bless her. That she lost my great-grandfather little time ago. Just send a big hug to my family and all in Espírito Santo.”

That’s when the video below starts.

TV: “What’s the name of your great-grandmother?”

Richarlison: “It’s… f***… now I forgot, man.”

TV: “Look. He’s forgotten his great-grandmother’s name. We did a story with her, we’ll remember.”

Richarlison: “No, but… it’s here, but I just forgot. I don’t know, it’s a lot of emotion, we just forget. I can’t remember.”

TV: “The important thing is the affection.”

Richarlison: “It was important to score the goal for her. So now it’s about celebrating, but if I remember the name I’ll tell you.”

Then when Casemiro was being interviewed, Richarlison came back to say it.

“Lady Julita!”

How can you not love him?