The Brazilian version of Goal today features an interview with Everton star Richarlison.

Most of the chat was about his time with the national team, as following his Copa America and Olympics trophies, he now aims to be in the World Cup squad this year.

Richarlison has always made clear his love for Brazil, and that’s why, last summer, he made sure to play two international tournaments.

That was not an easy task, as he had to convince Everton to let him get involved in so many games, and, speaking to Goal, he talks about that process.

“It was a little tricky. I remember I was at the Copa America when Jardine called me. I gave my word to Jardine that I was going to the Olympics without Everton’s release,” Richarlison told Goal.

“I had to make my jumps here. Then I called the president, I called the director, at the time it was Rafa Benítez, who had just arrived. I told them almost crying, that it was my dream, that it was my family’s dream to be there. That when I came back, I would give my life here at Everton, then they ended up releasing me. I practically spent all day negotiating with Everton to get me released.

“In the end it all worked out. So much so that, after the Olympics, they welcomed me with posters, applause… Like it or not, it was good for both parties.”

The fact Richarlison didn’t have any time off, however, affected the season he’s now having with Everton.

The forward has been struggling with different injuries, and acknowledges that he knew he’d have physical problems this year.

“I knew that at some point there was going to be an injury. When I arrived at the Olympics, I could already see that my body was on the edge. I remember that, in the second game of the Olympics, I was worn out, I was at my limit, very tired. My recovery process wasn’t cool even for the time zone there, I couldn’t sleep well. I knew that at some point it would burst, and unfortunately it did.”

“Good thing I was already waiting for this. Glad I managed to recover well. It was a very serious knee injury. Then came another one, in the calf, which was also serious. If I wasn’t careful too, it might come back. So that was it.”

Featuring for the Toffees this season, Richarlison has five goals and three assists in 22 games.

He was recently called up by Brazil to feature in the final fixtures of the World Cup Qualifiers.