With James Rodriguez being Colombia’s biggest football star for years, he’s obviously subject to a huge attention from the local media, who’s always been divided between compliments and criticism towards the 29-year-old.

Now there’s been a specific public figure who’s been making heavy comments on the Everton midfielder for a long time, and that’s Freddy Rincón.

Despite a few praises in Rodriguez’ first years in Europe, the national team legend has been picking on him for years, especially regarding his attitude on the pitch.

Rincón has now been interviewed by Peruvian outlet Pulso Sports, and once again, the headlines that get to Colombia are all about the negative comments towards the Everton player.

South Americans use the word ‘crack’ to define an amazing player, with skills which make him above the average, and for the former national team star, Rodríguez needs more to be called that.

“In Colombia it was built a James controversy with me. James seems to me a very good player but he needs more sacrifice, he needs a series of things to call him ‘crack'”, said Rincon (via Marca).

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Rincon continued explaining the things he doesn’t like about James Rodriguez, as there’s apparently some personal anger with him. Especially for the controversy regarding who’s the best Colombian player of all time.

“I don’t have anything to talk to James about, firstly because I don’t know him, I’m not friends with him and he has his concept in a different way than mine. Since he called an influencer to do an interview, it seemed to me something without rhyme or reason and when they asked him who was the best Colombian player of all time, he said he was. I respect everyone’s ego, if he believes that, he’s respected. But later in a question about all the Colombian players, I realised that he wanted to lower me. When asked about me, he replied: ‘Freddy Rincón is below all of us’ … that seemed heavy to me. “

“Later in an interview they did with me, I said that James doesn’t know where he stands. That is what I said, I didn’t say anything else. James has become untouchable, whoever speaks bad of him will have everyone on him.”

“I will never say that I am the best player in the history of Colombia, for that there are many people. We, the players, we just have to do our job.”