As you’ll be aware, Everton’s James Rodriguez has turned himself into public enemy number one in Colombia this summer.

After being dropped from the squad for the Copa America because of his fitness, the midfielder has been locked in a war of words over the situation ever since.

His insistence he’s fine hasn’t gone down well in his homeland, where every man and his dog have shared their opinion and criticised the Everton man over the last few weeks.

There has been an almost daily stream of criticism aimed at Rodriguez, with him even criticised because of the fact he’s enjoying his current holidays in the United States.

One of his biggest enemies is journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez, who has never been afraid to share his opinion on the midfielder.

Earlier this year, he was quick to dismiss Rodriguez’s efforts at Everton and has been all over the current situation, too, something the midfielder hit back at publicly and led to Vélez sending a warning in response.

The fire has died down since that public warning from the journalist, but now Vélez has reignited things.

“It is sad the waste of talent with James Rodríguez,” report him saying.

“When you have so many problems with the bosses, suddenly the problem is not the boss, but you.

“James is like the Fecode (the Colombian Federation of Education Workers); they work very little. When you have given nothing, you have no right to claim anything.

“I admire James’ technical skills, and it bothers me that he doesn’t use them and make good use of them. He is in a terrible professional deficit.”