Earlier this week, we covered Richarlison’s quotes with the Brazilian press saying how ‘sad’ it is to lose his starting place at the national team.

The Everton player had started the Copa America as one of Tite’s favourites, but ended up being dropped in the last game and shouldn’t have a place in the quarter-finals.

Now UOL brings a story today claiming that both Richarlison and David Neres, who’s coincidentally recently been linked to Everton, are quite upset for being benched.

The duo are known for having an important role in the dressing room, since they’re always making jokes and making the squad happy. Therefore, when that changes, everyone notices.

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UOL mentions some of Richarlison’s best features.

They say his jokes aren’t funny at all, and that makes his teammates laugh. He’s also known for card magic tricks that never work, and is remembered for the time when he thought an image of St. George was actually a cockerel. The ‘Pigeon’ nickname has been around for a while as well.

Both Richarlison and Neres had their head down in the past few days, not being their usual selves, but people close to the squad claim that little by little, they’re getting over it. Although they’re sad for losing their spot, they understand that Gabriel Jesus and Everton are in better form.

Maybe perfecting one of his card tricks would cheer the Everton player up.