Everton scout Carlo Jacomuzzi is not a man that keeps his opinions to himself, particularly when it comes to talking about Liverpool.

The Blues scout is always good for a quote on Everton’s famous rivals and Liverpool’s rise to prominence in the last year means he’s had plenty to say.

The Reds’ upcoming clash with Napoli in the Champions League has stirred him into action over the last week, with the Italian having plenty to say on the matter.

Last week he was claiming Napoli’s dressing room situation was all a ploy by Carlo Ancelotti. This week, he’s busy telling the Napoli boss how to beat Liverpool.

The two sides meet in the first game of the Champions League this week, with many predicting a tough encounter for the Italians against a Liverpool side who are top of the Premier League after winning all five of their opening league games.

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Jacomuzzi believes they’re not as infallible as they appear, though, insisting the Reds can be gotten at in defence.

“Liverpool are one of the best teams in Europe, but they are certainly not unbeatable,” he told Radio Kiss Kiss, relayed by CalcioNapoli24. 

The Reds leave a lot to be desired in defence. They have a team devoted to attacking. Home or away, there isn’t much difference because they always go for victory and try to make a game of it.

“Napoli will have to be very careful and mature and not take any unnecessary risks because Liverpool are very impressive on the counter.

“I am convinced that, unlike last year, Liverpool will pay more attention to what happened in the Champions League match between these two last year.

“I’m also convinced that Carlo Ancelotti will be able to adopt the best moves to achieve an important result against Jürgen Klopp.”