Superagent Mino Raiola visited Juventus yesterday to discuss a move for Everton striker Moise Kean this summer.

That’s what Gazzetta Dello Sport report today, stating that the two clubs have been talking about a return for the youngster ‘for some time’.

Kean has been heavily linked with a move away from Goodison Park this summer after a disappointing first season at Everton following a move last year.

Juventus, and specifically new manager Andrea Pirlo, are keen to have him back but with finances tight, can only afford to propose a loan deal at this moment in time.

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It’s widely been reported that Everton aren’t interested in that, preferring to try and recoup their outlay if Kean is to leave at all.

That stance has been changing over the last week or so and Gazzetta now report they are openly willing to accept a loan deal.

According to the newspaper Kean ‘would look forward to returning’ and has already given his ‘total approval’ to a move back to his former club.

Likewise, Raiola has found an agreement with the Italian champions and his visit yesterday suggests that there will be an ‘acceleration’ to bring the two clubs closer together.

Juve are pressing for a ‘dry loan’, but Everton will only accept a ‘definitive cession’ or at most a ‘redemption obligation’. In other words, if they are to accept a loan deal, they want to make sure they get their €28m back.

A deal is described as ‘in progress’, and again, as has been stated on several occasions in the Italian press, the move could take shape at the end of the transfer market.

It still makes little sense for Everton to sanction a deal, though. Letting Kean go would only weaken them squad wise, and a loan deal is hardly beneficial financially either.

Until they have a replacement lined up, or the finances are too good to turn down, there’s no reason for them to let Kean go. Instead, this feels more like Raiola pushing the idea from Italy and hoping the pressure ends up telling on Everton.