When it comes to young footballers, there’s not many that have as much drama around them as Everton’s Moise Kean.

The striker, who is currently shining at Paris Saint Germain, never seems to be far away from the headlines and his father is a major part of that.

Jean Kean is never short of things to say about his son, despite the Everton man regularly denouncing whatever he’s got to say.

This has happened several times since his emergence as a youngster at Juventus and has continued after his move to Goodison Park, with his father usually good for several criticisms or comments on a transfer.

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It seems, though, things have taken a turn for the worse for the Everton man’s father as a result of his regular comments.

He recently sat down with website Juve News and revealed that he’s been ‘abandoned’ by his star son.

“I am suffering a lot in this period. I haven’t worked for a year, and I can’t find anyone to give me a hand. I am an abandoned father,” he told the website.

“I tried to look for a job and ask a lot of people anything, as long as they let me work, but to date I still haven’t been able to find anything.

“I had to operate on my prostate recently and I have no one to buy me medicines, I am abandoned at home and my children do not think about it at all.

“I always pray for them, I will always love them, regardless of everything.

“When I go to a friend or someone to ask for help, they don’t believe it and tell me I’m rich.

“Last week I happened to go to Caritas a couple of times and it’s something that takes away your dignity. Everyone thinks I’m rich because I’m Kean’s father, but the reality is different.”