As William Carvalho edges towards a Sporting exit, Everton FC continue to be pointed out as the most likely destination for the midfielder.

Portuguese newspaper Record has another story about the player’s future today, claiming that after the attacks at Alcochete, he feels like his time at the Lisbon club is over.

What they have to say about Everton is that William is ‘in the Toffees’ list’, although there are no other information on how the negotiations are going.

Record claims that even though the player has the chance to break his contract due to the violence at the club’s training center, he’s not really keen on leaving through the back door.

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That’s why he wants to make things right and convince his new club to pay for his transfer from Sporting.

William’s desire to play in the Premier League has never been a secret, and according to Record’s report, he’s even changed agents to achieve the move. He’s now working with Stellar Group, which has great connections in English football.