Everton’s first January transfer may well be settled, and the footballer in question is no surprise.

Deporte Valenciano have picked up some Sandro Ramirez claims from Spain’s Cope radio and it’s fair to say they sound pretty certain a transfer is happening in January.

Claiming ‘Sandro Ramirez will be the first signing of Valencia in this winter market’, it’s then explained ‘because even the Spanish team’s coach Marcelino would have spoken to the player to tell him what awaits when he arrives at the team’. 

Deporte Valenciano say Cope have gone a step ahead of other claims made over the past week, and that’s pretty much what Spanish radio does. Sometimes, in fact quite a lot of the time, it seems Cope look at a situation and decided what the likeliest next step is, and report that as if it’s happened.

Even if exaggerated, the outline of a deal is likely right, simply because so many good Valencia sources have reported it repeatedly.

The latest claims say Sandro would leave Everton on loan and Valencia would have a purchase option in the summer. Valencia are said to want the purchase option to be set at a maximum of €8m, whereas Everton are looking more at something like €10m.