Although the Brazilian media continues to name Everton as the main contenders in the race for Grêmio star Everton Cebolinha, it no longer seems like a deal is close to happening.

Outlet Zero Hora brings a story about the situation today, explaining that there are many agents who’ve been involved in the negotiations.

They write that Grêmio only have 50% of the winger’s rights, and when demanding €40m for their share last year, the bids couldn’t even get close to it.

It was reported by UOL last week that the club had an agreement to take 65% of a transfer, but that hasn’t been confirmed by other outlets so far.

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Zero Hora says that in the current scenario, an offer Grêmio can’t refuse is seen as ‘unlikely’. It’s claimed that Everton and Borussia Dortmund have both shown interest, but things haven’t advanced.

With recent reports claiming the Toffees were preparing a bid of €30m for Everton, we wonder if they’ve been told that wouldn’t be good enough, and that’s why it hasn’t been made.

Grêmio insist that they haven’t received any offers for the player so far.