Marcel Brands has been speaking to NRC in the Netherlands about his PSV role and the pressure he puts on himself to succeed.

Right at the end of the interview, Everton’s interest in appointing the Dutchman as their technical director or football director is brought up and there’s a an interesting quote from Brands.

“Everton? It is flattering. But I have said no more than yes in recent years. I also said yes to PSV only the second time. I have a very nice job here and a beautiful life. The question is whether I want to give it up. I have never been a club-hopper.”

Those quotes may well be for a Dutch, and specifically PSV, audience, because it’s been clear for some time that Brands has been flirting with the idea of a move to the Premier League.

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Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf almost seemed to be acting as his agent at one point, first pushing a claim of Chelsea interest, and then publishing almost identical claims (even down to Brands being one of two targets) about Everton.

Brands now playing hard to get wouldn’t appear to make a lot of sense.

Maybe the Everton opportunity has been talked up to be more than it actually is and Brands wants the option for it to look like he turned the Toffees down, perhaps he’s trying to get better terms from the Merseyside club, or, as we suggested, this is simply to pacify PSV fans.