It’s increasingly obvious that Inter Milan want rid of Joao Mario by any means possible. If they thought putting the Portuguese midfielder on eBay would help then they’d probably give it a whirl.

Monday’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport lists Leicester City, Wolves and West Ham, where Mario was last season for a loan spell, as potential destinations.

Tuttosport has it slightly differently, and they bring Everton in but also mention the Leicester possibility.

Everton and the Foxes will ‘have to hurry’ if they want to sign Mario, and a return to the Premier League is the player’s ‘dream’.

At this point it would be easy to mock the footballer’s situation but there could be an opportunity here. Joao Mario isn’t such a bad player that he should be in this mess, he’s just ended up in a difficult position.

Inter Milan often rush off after shiny new things and don’t have patience with signings that don’t immediately work out. Despite the Italian club originally wanting a permanent transfer, the 25 year old will almost certainly be available on a try-before-buy basis and at this stage of the window it doesn’t look such a bad deal.