If ever there was a man to listen to in dark and worrying times such as these, it’s Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti.

The Blues boss has long proven himself to be one of the smarter, more on the ball managers in the game, often offering sage words and advice on any subject presented to him.

The Coronavirus outbreak has been no different, with him very much proving to be a calm, sensible and respected voice among the plethora of others who are trying to take advantage of the situation.

Today proves to be no different, with the Everton boss sitting down to do a lengthy interview with Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

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In it, he discusses what he sees happening with the currently suspended season, how he expects a financial downturn and even how he’s finding positives from the pandemic, including how society is turning away from social media.

“We’re living a life we never lived,“ he told the newspaper.

“Children who complained about the absence of their parents at work now have them at home all day, wives who didn’t see their husbands, and vice versa, are in close contact from morning tonight.

“Beyond the possible nervous repercussions and some natural disorientation, I find it a great thing. Nice and healthy.

“The other day I read that the water in the Venice lagoon has never been so clear and clean, even the air has changed, the empty streets have changed.

“How beautiful it would be on all this not depending on the pandemic if the price were not thousands of lives broken.

“It seems like a sort of rebellion of the Earth to man. If the internet blows up, we’re in business.

“The end of smartphone slavery, back to personal relationships. I read the other day that Zuckerberg said he was worried because the internet is going down because of the social overload.

“How I wish! Let me cultivate that illusion. There is nothing good in the virus, only pain, despair, fear, fear for the future.

“But if you want to find a positive side to all this, well, the return to education and a life of relationships is desirable.”