This weekend several English newspapers pushed Steven N’Zonzi towards Everton for a January transfer. Sam Allardyce will be expected to improve his squad during the winter transfer window, and the French midfielder has been presented as a possibility.

However, it must be pointed out his star isn’t quite shining as brightly as it has previously. Also this weekend, local Seville newspaper Estadio Deportivo has published an article saying the ‘goodbye’ to N’Zonzi isn’t going to be far away.

The player’s perceived attitude problem and reaction to be subbed against Liverpool has brought things to a head, and Estadio Deportivo say perhaps the midfielder thought he was ‘untouchable’.

Despite preparing himself for a summer move, the newspaper say N’Zonzi could leave Sevilla in January, and it’s stated he and his ego wouldn’t be missed by the club, who have seen better, but perhaps not as disruptive, players leave previously.

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It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for Everton, but would make the player easier to buy. N’Zonzi’s clause is €40m, however, it’s pointed out the club wouldn’t ask for that now, and may well be keen to get his ‘attitude’ out of the dressing room.

For an impartial view, Everton may wish to know that statistics website WhoScored rate N’Zonzi as Sevilla’s 18th best performer so far this season.

Allardyce could engage in some great man management but Everton would need to be wary of N’Zonzi feeling he’s doing the club a favour. Turning 29 years of age this month, if a transfer went wrong there’s not going to be a lot of takers for a big contract.