Just over a year ago, Thomas Meunier spoke to the Belgian media and suggested a move to a club like Everton could be an option for him.

With PSG always looking at the next shiny option, the fullback knew his days were likely numbered, and explained: “I do not ask too much for now, what I want is to play football. If I have to go down a notch to be able to be on the pitch, I’ll do it. We will see how it goes, I have two more years in Paris, my goal is to stay in. I like it a lot, just like my family. The club did not contact me, it’s hard to predict.

“I could aim at a club like Everton, Valencia or Dortmund. Michy Batshuayi did really well going there, the fun is playing football, and that’s the only thing I miss right now.”

Since then he’s been linked with the Merseyside club on several occasions, but there’s never been anything especially strong.

With PSG looking to raise money from sales this summer, Meunier has been one of the players pushed forward for a sale, and various reports put a potential value at €20-30m for the 27 year old.

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On Sunday, Paris United put out a story saying Everton have made a contractual offer to the player. Manchester United and Arsenal are said to be interested, but it’s stated the Toffees have ‘accelerated’.

Paris United were pretty good on PSG transfers last summer, so the claims are worth listening to.

Meunier is set to meet his representatives soon, and will decide from there what to do about his future.