We’ve been doing a little digging in Austria and Germany on Kevin Wimmer moving to Hannover 96, and have come to the conclusion it’s actually happening.

German magazine Kicker this week had an article on the subject and made everything sound quite likely. Wimmer hasn’t had the career in English football he was hoping for, and if anything his move to Stoke City has seen him slip further down the slippery slope to nowhere. and others in Austria and Germany quote Hannover’s president Martin Kind as saying: “Even with Stoke City, everything is clear.”

These quotes were reportedly given directly to German newspaper Bild and whilst we can’t find the original, which in some cases suggests it’s all nonsense, it’s hard to believe someone would manufacture quotes about Kevin Wimmer leaving Stoke for Hannover.

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The German club look like they’re going to escape relegation to the second tier, which can’t be said for Wimmer’s parent club right now.

It’s claimed the move would be on loan, at least initially, which again isn’t the best news for Stoke.