Usually when a player is asked about potentially leaving their current club, they go all vague.

Even if a transfer is half expected, the comments tend to be something open about nobody knowing the future, and that anything can happen in football.

Not for Javier Hernandez.

Speaking to Marca this week, the West Ham player was asked, if he continues to be out of Manuel Pellegrini’s team, whether he’ll look for a transfer in the next summer window.

The Mexican international’s answer was: “I don’t know. Or even now in winter! I want to play, participate as much as possible and have the ability to earn a place. But I must respect the decisions that are being made and that is why I am not closed to leaving in the winter. There is an open door, and another one in summer. I’m happy here, but I want more minutes.”

That couldn’t be much clearer, if Hernandez doesn’t start getting more minutes then he’s very much open to leaving West Ham in the January transfer window.

To push a bit further, Marca wanted clarity (even though they’d already go it) on whether he’d not rule out leaving in a month: “No, I do not rule it out, but it would also have to be what’s best with the club: if now in winter, or in the summer…”

Having already played in England, Germany and Spain, the footballer was asked what’s left for him in Europe: “I don’t know. I’ve done well in all three. I’m going to look for the most beneficial for me, be it La Liga, continuing here, or looking for another option.”

On potentially returning to La Liga, where he played on loan for Real Madrid, Hernandez said: “Spain is one of the leagues that I want, although they have treated me well everywhere. I would love to return one day, yes.”

At least he’s honest.