The Samuel Umtiti situation rolls on in Spain, and AS once again reference interest from Manchester United.

It’s claimed that whilst there’s optimism at Barcelona about a renewal, and that the parties are much closer together than they were a couple of months ago, they’re not quite close enough to get anything signed.

Big clubs are Europe, ‘especially’ Manchester United, are said to be interested because of the defender’s €60m buyout clause, and it’s stated Jose Mourinho’s club have offered to ‘triple’ the player’s wages.

There’s nothing new here. It was already stated by the Catalan media over the weekend that Umtiti and Barcelona are getting closer together on the figures of a new deal, with it then claimed the Frenchman had lowered his demands.

Whilst there may be some interest at some level, it feels Manchester United are just being thrown in to make what’s become a dreary story a little more exciting.

If the unexpected happens and Umtiti and Barca can’t agree terms and have a big fall-out, that’s when Mourinho interest would become truly interesting.