It must be a day ending with a Y, because there’s a story from Spain linking Chelsea with Jan Oblak, and at the same time dashing the Blues’ hopes of signing him this summer.

Mundo Deportivo report that Manchester United and ‘especially Chelsea’ currently ‘dream’ of being able to secure Oblak as their own.

The Spanish newspaper then says ‘but the dream has a price’, and that would be Oblak’s buyout clause of €120m. Even if that was met, a club would have to cover the goalkeeper’s salary, and likely improve it, and it’s stated the Atletico Madrid man is second only to David De Gea when it comes to what stoppers around the world earn.

Oblak would also have to be convinced by an ‘attractive sports project’, and this is where Mundo seem to completely ignore Manchester United’s recent improvement. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side finished third in the Premier League and remain in the Europa League, yet Mundo declares they’re far behind ‘Liverpool, City, Chelsea and even Tottenham’.

Spurs finished 6th.

Chelsea are also presented as not having a sporting project as exciting as Atletico Madrid’s, and it’s therefore insisted Oblak is likely to stay where he is.