Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has been criticised for showing his ‘nasty side’ towards Arne Slot as he heads to Liverpool.

Algemeen Dagblad, and journalist Hugo Borst, cover the Manchester United manager and claim he is ‘jealous’ of Slot’s arrival at Liverpool.

Borst labels Ten Hag a ‘precious, intriguing man’ and criticises him for his apparent change in stance on the FA Cup, now that he’s won it at Old Trafford.

According to him England’s oldest cup competition was once not worth it thinking of a success but that’s now changed after the impressive win over Manchester City at the weekend.

Ten Hag was keen to impress the level of the success after Manchester United’s success at Wembley, speaking to the BBC and ITV about it after the game in interviews that very quickly went viral.

Borst was watching and was left unimpressed by Ten Hag’s apparent lack of skill with the English language, something the new Liverpool boss Arne Slot does not suffer from. And it is that which leads to his next criticism.

Because Ten Hag recently appeared in Voetbal International and admitted he thought Slot’s Feyenoord team had been over praised this season.

That left Borst unimpressed, with him questioning why one manager would question another training like that, particularly when he’s about to join him in England.

He even claims the Manchester United manager is ‘a little jealous’ of the incoming Liverpool manager, after Ten Hag insisted Slot would be arriving to much better circumstances at Anfield than he found at Old Trafford.

It’s all very negative and an easy swipe at Ten Hag, who appears to be criticised when he doesn’t give an opinion and then criticised when he does.

We would, perhaps, point out that AD are a Feyenoord based newspaper so perhaps that’s where this comes from, after all, nobody is ever content with their own fanbase loving their team anymore, now they need everyone else to love them too.

On top of that it’s worth noting the column also sent darts to PSV manager Peter Bosz, insinuating he’s also jealous of Arne Slot. And what has title-winning PSV manager Bosz done wrong? Well, simply not said anything, and failed to send a bag full of of praise to the manager who finished behind him.