Lugo are struggling. Since Alfonso Pedraza left the club for Leeds United they’ve only won one match.

There’s been 7 matches for Lugo since Pedraza was no longer an option, and they’ve lost 2, drawn 4 and won 1, failing to score more than one goal in any of them.

Local newspaper La Voz de Galicia explains: ‘Finding the rival’s goal seems to cost them much more without Alfonso Pedraza. In fact, from when the left sided player went to Leeds United the Lugo goal rate has dropped to one per game. Insufficient.’

It’s doubly annoying for Lugo because the Leeds United transfer was out of their control. The club’s president Tino Saqués was quoted by La Voz de Galicia in February as saying: “We understand that a negotiation of that transfer with an English club would take seven or ten days to be sure, and could have been communicated to Lugo to be able to sign a substitute if we understood it necessary.

“What cannot be is that three days before (the end of the window) we are told: gentlemen, this boy is going to Leeds.”

Lugo should have had a protection clause, meaning Pedraza’s parent club Villarreal could only recall him up to a certain date in the January window, and failing to have this cut-off allowed the Spaniard to join Leeds United on loan.

It’s no surprise that Lugo’s director of football Emilio de Dios was edged out of the club in February.