Norwich City midfielder Gabriel Sara is today featured in a very good interview with ESPN Brasil.

The 23-year-old, who arrived at the Canaries last summer, had a lot to say about his adaptation to England, which apparently wasn’t any easy.

Sara explained how he struggled at first, especially because of the language.

“Norwich is a very small city. There are few Brazilians. We met some and made some friends, but it’s very difficult. I came with my girlfriend, so that was me and her,” Gabriel Sara told ESPN Brasil.

“I had the translator that the club hired, which is for me and for the Chilean, who also spoke Portuguese, so it was another friendship I made. Marcelino, who also came from Universidad Católica, speaks Spanish, it’s not the same thing, but he helped. That too ends up helping to adapt. You end up feeling more isolated. Because of the language, you can’t talk to people, it ends up being a bit awkward at the club.”

Then after Marquinhos arrived, it helped me a lot. It was in the middle of the season, I was already a little more adapted. It’s a small city, but it’s a good city, it’s very calm, but for people who were used to living in São Paulo, full of friends around, it was a little complicated. I’ve known Marquinhos for years. When he said he was coming here, I was so happy. Now I’m not the only Brazilian anymore, I have someone to talk to, someone to share things with.”

Gabriel Sara also spoke about his goals for the future. He makes it clear his idea is to stay with Norwich City and help them in another attempt for the promotion to the Premier League.

“I always fight for my dreams. That’s why I agreed to come to Norwich. I wanted to play in the Premier League. That’s my goal for next season. What was frustration this season, I hope next season can be joy of people getting this promotion and me fulfilling my dream of playing in the Premier League.”

Norwich City spent €10.5m to sign Sara from São Paulo last summer. This season, he had seven goals and four assists in 43 appearances for the Canaries.

The Brazilian used to play as a more advanced midfielder at his former club, and had to adapt to become a box-to-box in England. He also spoke about this change, claiming he’s actually happy with that, since it made him evolve as a player.

“I think it’s been good for me. Even though I’ve scored a few goals this season, I’m a little farther away from the goal, but I get a lot more on the ball. I think I participate a lot more in the game and that’s what I’ve been enjoying this new position. Of course, I have more defensive responsibility, which is something I’m still learning, but overall I manage to participate more in the game, touch the ball more, create more chances.”

Sara’s contract with Norwich City runs until 2026, with the club having an option for an extra year.