Former Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel has spoken to the latest edition of Fenerbahce’s official club magazine and opened up about his Liverpool departure and new manager Dick Advocaat.

Skrtel said: “It is a great feeling to be here (Istanbul). It’s a wonderful city and a wonderful club (Fenerbahce). I hope we can win titles here, our fans are fantastic and I hope they’ll be behind us and support us throughout the season.”

The Slovakian defender also spoke about Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, and his comments were really positive: “Eight and a half years, that’s a lot. I wanted to change and also want a new challenge. I am thankful to all the managers I worked with at Liverpool. Klopp is a wonderful person but I feel if I stayed I couldn’t have played like before.”

Skrtel also said: “I’m a Liverpool fan from now on. It’d be great if we won two finals last year but these things happen. I hope they’ll win something in the future.”

Martin Skrtel said his new manager Dick Advocaat is a no-stranger to him because the pair had worked at Zenit before: “He’s the one who can make us great again. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Slovakian played over 300 games for Liverpool before joining Fenerbahçe for a reported £5.5 million this summer.

Nihat Emre Kocaaslan, Turkey.