Last week saw endless claims from Turkey regarding Mesut Ozil potentially swapping Arsenal for Fenerbahce this month. The Istanbul club have long been linked with the former Germany international, with it being on record that he supported them as a child.

With his Arsenal contract expiring at the end of June, Ozil is now free to speak to clubs and agree a pre-contract deal. It’s also assumed that a transfer this month is possible, with the Gunners happy to get Ozil’s hefty wages off their salary bill.

Monday saw fresh reports from Turkey, with confidence still high regarding a transfer, even if things don’t feel as imminent as they were presented at the end of last week. Fenerbahce are still considered the favourites, although it’s been made clear it’s a complicated transfer to complete.

Now Mesut Ozil has pushed his name back into the spotlight with a twitter Q&A. As often happens, someone asked him if he’d sign for Tottenham if it was the only offer he had, or retire instead.

Ozil took that as an “easy question”, insisting he’d rather hang up his boots than sign for Jose Mourinho’s side, given Tottenham’s rivalry with Arsenal.

Meanwhile, Fener’s president, Ali Koç, spoke about the potential move to Turkey earlier on Monday.

Quoted by Sabah he makes clear it would be very welcome, but wouldn’t go any further than that: “I am still saying that Mesut Ozil is a dream. No person from our club has made a statement. It is a subject we are closer to than in the past. It may or may not end. Nothing more precise… After we make a signing, we make the statement.”