At the end of the last summer transfer window, AS Monaco knocked back offers going up to €100m for Thomas Lemar. The transfer window had gone somewhat crazy, but despite the approaches, Monaco were determined not to sell.

Since then Lemar hasn’t had the greatest of seasons but he certainly hasn’t been terrible and there’s interest again in the player.

Atletico Madrid and Chelsea are two of the clubs to be pushed forward repeatedly over the past week, and Saturday’s edition of Marca focuses on interest from the former.

Antoine Griezmann, who is considering staying at Atletico beyond the summer, is said to be pushing from his compatriot’s signing.

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Marca say that for Atletico to get ahead they’ll have to make an ‘important’ offer of ‘over 50 million’ which makes it sound like that figure would be a base. Atletico have some financial difficulties, and with the hope that Griezmann stays, that gives less room for manoeuvre.

Chelsea would likely be able to go closer to the €100m figure than Atletico. There’s a clear financial advantage available for Chelsea here, should they choose to use it.