Just like every year, the Italian media are very ambitious about Inter Milan’s summer plans. Whether it be a manager to appoint or players to sign, optimism usually abounds around this time of year for Inter’s summer changes.

Of course, the plans hardly ever live up to the dreams. This summer, report Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter are looking for a new manager and some big name players. Chelsea’s Antonio Conte is one of the names repeatedly mentioned, along with Diego Simeone.

Conte is on course to win the Premier League in his first season at Chelsea, so what could Inter offer to tempt him? €50m say Gazzetta, over a five year contract.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 08.54.53Chelsea could compete on wages if they so wished, but given Conte has a contract, they can simply their foot down about a summer move.

Gazzetta believe there’s only a 25% chance of Inter getting Conte, because Chelsea would be likely to simply say no.

Simeone is deemed more likely for Inter at 35%, but that would also require some effort.