Hirving Lozano has Manchester United stuck in his head and can’t get them out, report CalcioNapoli24.

Napoli have made an offer of €45m for the Mexican, and PSV are thought to be happy with that amount for a summer transfer. However, the Naples club don’t yet have the will of the player, and he believes Manchester United will contact him ‘sooner or later’.

Lozano has been repeatedly linked with a move to Old Trafford throughout his career, but there’s been nothing especially strong recently. When covering Napoli’s efforts to sign the player, there have been repeat claims in Italy that things have been waiting for Manchester United, and it’s clear that’s the move which excites Lozano.

PSG are thought to be considering making a move for the 23 year old, and that could also cause problems for Napoli.

Lozano is represented by Mino Raiola, so the immediate assumption would be Manchester United are being used to pressure the Serie A club. However, CalcioNapoli24 report Raiola doesn’t think an offer will arrive from United, which obviously isn’t the stance he’d take if it was all a game.

Lozano can’t wait around forever, and if the Red Devils don’t make the move he’s hoping for, then Napoli is still an exciting move.