The Coutinho saga looks close to an end, and Mundo Deportivo say that’s largely thanks to the player. Left angered by Nike’s website stunt over Coutinho, Liverpool are demanding €160m in total from the transfer, explain the Catalan newspaper.

Barcelona hadn’t wanted to go that high, so the transfer was again at risk of stalling, something Coutinho wanted to avoid at all costs. Mundo Deportivo say the Brazilian has agreed to give up €15m of the personal terms agreed with Barcelona, to enable that money to be sent to Liverpool as part of the fee.

Mundo Deportivo say the amount Coutinho is prepared to give up is ‘outrageous’ but shows the Liverpool player’s ‘immense desire’ to move to Barcelona.

The La Liga club would then give Coutinho a bigger contract when he next renews, providing he performs well, and Nike would also increase the player’s contract with them.

It’s not the first time it’s been claimed a player has done this when moving to Barcelona. That either suggests it’s a tactic the club use to save money, or it’s a routine PR push from the Catalan media.