Frank de Boer is the cover star of De Telegraaf’s sport section on Monday. That’s no surprise, the Crystal Palace manager is under huge pressure and, rightly or wrongly, it would surprise few if he’s to lose his job before the next match.

If and when that does happen, it can perhaps be expected that De Telegraaf will aim and fire at Crystal Palace, sharing all they’ve found out about the club and focusing on the not-so-pretty.

For now, whilst there are still snipes to back up De Boer, there’s a feeling De Telegraaf know a few things and are holding back.

First, of course, it’s pointed out that Crystal Palace were the better team against Burnley.

Steve Parish is then described as continually trying to sell the club in secret, whilst ‘for the outside world’ it seems Palace fans like the president, although De Telegraaf are clearly unconvinced.

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There are ‘political boardroom games’ ongoing, according to the Dutch newspaper, but De Boer gets involved in these ‘as little as possible’, and then comes the crux: ‘He hasn’t complained about the small number of purchases the club has made in comparison to the competition.’

Parish is said to be on social media ‘all day’ and ‘sweeps his own street constantly’, meaning he’s more concerned about how he looks, and if De Boer is a casualty of that then so be it.